Daily Archives: 4th May 2017

Review: Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap

As a remake of a 1989 SEGA Master System videogame, you may be expecting Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap to be somewhat dated. The truth is however, despite the limitations of the original hardware, Wonder Boy 3 could arguably stand-up to many modern ‘indie classics’ as a unique platform adventure. Thusly, Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap is a more than welcome addition to the Nintendo Switch’s launch window software line-up.

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GameCube Turns 15: Here’s the Top 15 Games We Want Ported to Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo GameCube has turned 15 today, having made its debut in Europe on 3rd May 2002. A hugely underrated console in its era, the years since release have seen the arguably commercially underperforming console looked upon with a welcoming light. Out of the many classic titles on the console, here’s Switch Streamers’ picks for the top 15 we would welcome ported to the Nintendo Switch.

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